Welcome to Time to Knit!  I changed the blog addy because well, why pay anymore for blogging when it can be completely free??  I don’t know…I got so used to Typepad, but then they started changing everything and it just wasn’t the same.  And now I can’t see paying for blogging anymore, so here I am.  I hope to have a more eventful blog these days – I have even been knitting!

I plan on telling you more (if you have been following already) about our new house improvements and about my knitting soon.

Anyway, welcome to the blog!  I don’t know if the old one will go away soon or what, the bill is due soon but I ain’t payin’ so we’ll see 😉  I still have a lot of looking around and tweaking with the look to do, I hope, so bear with me.

I hope you are having a great lead-up to the Christmas holiday.  Update soon!

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  1. Keith Hill

     /  December 22, 2010

    some blogging platforms let you post via email. posterous is one. i like blogs that are nice and clean.

    now, get back to your knitting !!

  2. Believe me, I understand not wanting to pay for a blog — if it weren’t for the fact that my web space & my husband’s business stuff are linked I’d have gone back to a free wordpress blog AGES ago. I put you in my feed reader so I can keep up. Happy holidays!


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