Kitchen Shenanigans

M is home sick today with me, so I'm spending the morning trying to keep her entertained and be productive at the same time.  So that leaves us in the kitchen.  She is replicating school work to do at 021 home since she really did not want to miss Word Work today.  So far I have put a crockpot of beans to work with some crazy interesting spices that I bought but had yet to use.  They include Nigella seed, Urfa Biber, and Kala Jeera, sounds crazy huh?!  I hope they turn out good and not totally weird.  It smells good anyway.  Check out all of my little soldiers 😉

I also made up a big old batch of granola, pretty much just using up whatever was in the cupboards.  I added barley, rye, triticale, and wheat along with coconut, raisins, cranberries, almonds and pumpkin seeds.  There is still a ton of grain flakes left!    019

In the effort to clean out the cupboards, I found 5 different kinds of dried chiles, what I was saving them for I'm not sure??  So I de-seeded them all and ground them up for homemade chili powder.  This stuff smells amazing!  I put a spoonful in the crockpot beans…

018 Along the same lines, we are still getting chili peppers from the garden, even with the cold and snow.  So I tossed them all with a little olive oil, roasted at 400 degrees for about 18 minutes, and then added them to this jar with a couple of garlic cloves.  I poured more oil to cover them and will let them sit for a week or so to infuse the oil.  Can't wait to try it!!

Okay, enough dinking around, I've got some exercise, more organizing, and cleaning to do.

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