My winter vacation

So what have I been doing since I wrote last?  As a family we packed up and went to Denver for a weekend.  It was jam packed with action!  The first evening we were there we just vegged out, drank beer, and ate at a bad restaurant.  The next day we were down to business.  We spent hours at the Denver Zoo – this is a major zoo!  It is definitely bigger than what we have locally.  There were tons of exhibits and we saw some really cool stuff, like roaring lion, watching river hogs eat, and baby kimodo dragons.  Not too mention big ones too!  

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Later that evening we went to the Gorillaz concert!  That was interesting.  I loved it, but about halfway through M started to be over it.  It was very loud, even with earplugs in, and very late.  By the time it was over she just zonked out in the car during the short drive back to the hotel.  I'm so glad we went, Damon Alburn is quite the entertainer!

The plan was to head home the next day, but weather did not cooperate.  2 of the 3 roads we could have taken home were closed due to wind (Wyoming) and snow (Colorado).  Luckily The Boyfriend has some friends that live by Denver and they graciously offered up the basement in their house.  Sooo nice of them!  So we decided to check out the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  This was also a big deal.  We didn't even see everything but still spent 6 hours there!  There were lots of cool things too see and do.  We were having so much fun that I didn't even take any pictures 🙂  We finally made it on the road through Wyoming, not without running into a near blizzard.  I can see why driving through Wyoming in the winter months is NOT a good idea – never again!  It was quite the weekend!

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  1. Weekends in Denver suck. Every time I go we get close to that feedlot on the interstate and I start to feel sick. Within a few hours of hitting the city I have strep throat. Ever. Freakin. Time.


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