Tripping and falling

So my first day of 'living intuitively' went pretty good, I'd say anyway.  I started off by turning off all three of the alarms from my phone and promptly going back to sleep for another half an hour.  I woke up and skipped my yoga and karate practice and instead sat on the couch drinking coffee.  I gave up coffee for the longest time, like a year, and all of a sudden I'm back to drinking it every morning.  At least this morning I reminded myself that I feel extra wired/jittery/unfocused after more than one cup so I left it at just the one.  I had a really good berry, banana, and almond butter smoothie with rice milk for breakfast and headed off with The Kid to school.  

I had planned a run but not the one I ended up doing.  I decided on impulse to head up the canyon to the Pipeline trail for a 5 mile run.  Folks, I haven't run 5 miles in like a month!!  This is the run that I should have done yesterday.  I'm glad it happened today though as I wouldn't have gone to the canyon yesterday.  The first half of the run was really nice and pretty easy, duh – it was mostly downhill!  I had some issues on the way back, I had to take lots of walking breaks as the constant gradual uphill combined with the heat was just draining me, really fast.  I did end up doing 5.25 miles in about 1 hour and 10 minutes so it wasn't too bad.  I didn't care about the time though, it was one of those morality boosters where I knew I just had to finish it.  On a side note, I thought it was pretty funny that I tripped at least 4 times, and fell as a result of one of them, no injury though 🙂  I guess I need some work on my trail runs!

Among my other triumphs today were making some freaking awesome pita bread on the grill, making it through 3.5 hours of work with The Kid in tow without losing it, and only eating about 4 bites of some mediocre cheesecake that was bought for one of the employees' birthday at The Boyfriend's store.  It just wasn't that good, so I didn't see the point in eating it all.  It's amazing how all of a sudden I have self control, now that I have no rules!  Funny.  
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