Supporting Idaho’s schools and whatnot

Had a pretty good day today, it started with Maple Oat waffles courtesy of Good to the Grain, love love love this book!  I actually have a lot of different whole grain flours on hand and it is just so great to have recipes that work and taste great.  It is worth it just for the Multigrain Pancake recipe alone!!

Next was a pretty great karate lesson and class.  I relearned a bo staff form that I had originally learned last year some time.  It was unexpected and I really enjoyed it!  I was also happy that we didn't warm up – my muscles are super sore this week after restarting my weight lifting program since I had taken 2 weeks off.  Lunges are not my friend, at least not until Tuesday!

After class we packed a lunch and set off on a quickie trip to Malad, Idaho for lotto tickets.  It wasn't my idea but it sounded good.  I bought 2 tickets for $10 each along with 4 $1 scratch tickets.  I scratched about 10 tickets for that $4.  When we pulled in the gas station parking lot M asked, "Are we in Idaho now?"  I laughed and said "Yes, you can tell by all of the Utah license plates!"  Call me a sucker but it sure would be nice to have $164 meeelion dollars!  

After we got home I squeezed in a 40 minute elliptical workout, even though I started not feeling so hot.  I got the telltale sign of me getting sick earlier today, an irritated throat.  It has been 3 weeks since I've done a long run and it is on the schedule for tomorrow.  Ugh.  I will try to eek out at least a 3 mile run anyway, depending on how I feel, and try to make up some mileage when I feel better.  So frustrating!!  Oh well.  

I suppose that's all I have to say about today.  Keep your fingers crossed for my lotto winnings, haha!!
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