That went well…

More than a month later from my renewed commitment to blogging regularly, I'm on a roll!!  Well moving on, I am going to blog in here more but it probably won't be much about knitting.  I'm going to bore you to death with my daily ins and outs, which sometimes includes craftiness but more often is food, exercise and play.  

So what am I up to?  After a year of pretty much maintaining my weight I am ready to get healthy again and shed some extra me.  I am running pretty regularly, even though I took the last two weeks off and dinked around.  Now I feel like my fitness level is pretty close to zero again.  How does that happen?!  I forced myself to run 3 miles today in the windy afternoon and it was miserable.  But you can't appreciate the good without the bad right?  I'm going to attempt a long-ish run on Sunday and I only hope it goes better.  I am training for another Half Marathon in July, and it is seeming way too close to that time!  I need to get my butt in gear!

I have been knitting some, I started a pair of socks in a crazy yellow and green colorway, one is done and I'm on the cuff of the second.  I started and quit the Slouchy Cardigan from Greetings from Knit Cafe.  I'd rather do more of my own design so I'm plotting that one.  I picked up Kyra again, finally, and I'm working on the collar right now.  I still have sleeves to do but I'm having a hard time getting the right fit knitting the top down, but I will figure it out.  I also managed to finally get a spot in the Hello Yarn fiber club so I'm looking forward to hopefully getting some spinning going again.

School has been taking a lot from my time this year, having to co-op 3 hours every week doesn't sound that hard but it is for me!  I mostly love it, some days I admit I don't, but yes it is still hard.  After the school week is over I feel like I've driven and done so much that I don't really want to do anything but try and relax.  I work part time at The Boyfriend's store while M is at school so I really don't feel like I have a lot of time to myself to just sit and knit or whatever.  And really I don't want to sit still, I like to keep moving!  All that to say I'm sooo looking forward to summer and some down time.

So that's me lately.  We just planted this year's garden so I'll be busy with that too.  I'm getting ready to pick some spinach soon – so exciting!!  I'll work on getting some pictures going so at least there will be some visuals added to my ramblings 😉

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