Got Spice?

I got a nice, aromatic package in the mail today!  I ordered a bunch of stuff from World Spice Merchants, mostly staples but some new stuff as well.  I love these guys, they have all kinds of great spices and peppers and they ship very quickly.  I like that I can keep all of my old jars and just refill them and I feel like the spices are all very fresh too – who knows how long the stuff in the grocery sits on the shelf?  Anyway, the stuff I'm really excited to try is in front.  And I find it very funny that I ordered Utah salt from a place in Washington 🙂  

I know my readers use spices, so what is one you use the most?  I'd have to say our go-to spice is cumin – love it!

IMG_0681 IMG_0680

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  1. I like cumin too. And basil.


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