What to do?

I want to blog, really, I do.  But I'm not knitting enough lately to only be able to talk about that.  And my day to day stuff is a little boring right now, I'm kind of in a rut.  My main interests right now are working out and eating food, haha!  I have a weight loss blog that I've been updating, mostly for myself.  Maybe I will kind of do a mishmash of all of that stuff, but in here.  It doesn't make sense to have paid for a blog and then never use it, right?  Well I guess I have my answer then.  I will swirl it around in my head and try and figure out some kind of regular themed days but try to just make it a daily kind of a thing, if it isn't too boring.

I do have a finished knit to show you, though some of the local girls have already seen it, my Street Smart Hoodie has been done for ages and I'm really proud of it, so I should show it to you.  I have started another sweater too, the Slouchy Cardigan in some yummy Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Light.  Kyra, however, is sitting in a dark corner just being ignored.  So sad.

So yeah, I want to start blogging again.  Now to make it a reality.
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