Quilt done!

I managed to finish this yesterday!  I'm really happy with how it turned out, being my first one.  As you can see on the back it isn't really centered at all, but M doesn't really care.  Heck she was using it on the floor for a dance pad this morning.  I'm already plotting another one using some black squares that I picked up off ebay.  Anyway, yay!  I did it!IMG_0615

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  1. Well done!

  2. Allyson

     /  March 1, 2010

    Great job, Lauren. 😉 You just have so much gumption! I’ve always thought it would be fun to learn to quilt, but I just don’t have the patience for it, especially right now.
    Anyway. Did you write somewhere how big it is, and I missed? I was just wondering.
    Looks great!! 😉

  3. I didnt add that, it is about 40 x 48.
    Thanks!! We should get together and quilt sometime! Hmmm, maybe a girls day project? 😉


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