Remember me?

It is of course too late to join in on the daily blogging commitment otherwise known as NaBloPoMo.  But I am coming back to my severely neglected blog to commit to posting again.  Maybe not every day, but heck I think I can handle once a week, at least.  Don't you?!  A lot has been happening with vacations, school, work, karate, etc. but I won't try and catch you up for now, that is just the excuse I'm using – no time.  Well I have been trying to make time lately.  I have even started knitting again!!  Last night I finished off my latest shawl and I have quickly moved on to a pair of Elegant Gauntlets.  I will have pictures later in the week, I promise. 

I suppose the real reason I logged in today was just to say that I am so glad to finally be knitting again.  I can say that I am 'knitting again' because I finished a shawl in 8 days.  Not too bad!  I was sitting here this early morning, listening only to a few cars outside here and there and the furnace kicking on and off, sipping my black coffee, and finding a ridiculous amount of comfort in hearing the tiny clicking of my double-point-needles.  Love (1).

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  1. Love(2)!
    Good to hear from you, I love your work and look forward to seeing the pictures!

  2. Thanks Heather!!

  3. Glad to hear you are knitting again! That is always a good feeling. Happy to see you back in the blogging world, too!

  4. Thanks Nichole!!


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