I don't have anything to show you so I'll just give you an update on how it's going with the raw diet.  I've done mostly raw all this week with a couple of exceptions, a can of tomatoes here and one cooked entree there, that's really about it.  I've had loads of salads and smoothies, and with a variety of greens and now homeade sprouts (!), I'm not sick of them yet.  I'm feeling a tiny bit restless but I think it is just because of the huge change.  Last night we had a really great little torte with a date-nut crust and an avocado-coconut-chocolate filling, topped off with banana slices.  So good!!  I popped it all in the freezer and it was just so refreshing as opposed to heavy.  I liked that I didn't get a surge of sugar going through my veins like I would with my regular cupcakes or ice cream. 

The second best part of all of this, (the first being all the fruit I can eat!) is that in 12 days I have lost a little over 8 pounds!  And that first week I was just doing vegan with cooked dinners.  I'm still figuring out what I should eat when but I think for just starting out I'm doing really well.  We'll see how it goes when I add running back into the mix.  Anyway, looking forward to hitting the Farmer's Market again tomorrow and seeing what goodies I can come home with. 

Have a great weekend!  I plan on it : )

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  1. Wow – that dessert sounds very yummy. Congratulations on the weight loss!


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