Today’s Smoothie

Because I know you are dying to know!  It is not my recipe, really, I took it from here (scroll down) though I did use a bunch of mustard greens instead of kale.  I think I used way too much greens since my first glass is very thick, so I'll just add more water when I finish the rest off.  The mustard greens (homegrown yo!) make it kinda spicy, but still good! 

You might be wondering why I'm being 'wierd' and drinking greens for breakfast.  Heck it might be even wierder that I've also been eating over a pound of salad every day too!  Well I'm trying to change my diet, my health, and in turn my life!  It is no secret to those who are very close to me that I've been trying and failing alot this year when it comes to diet.  I have 'started over' at least 10 times since March, and have tried probably as many different approaches to getting fit and eating better too.  So last week I decided to go back to eating a vegan diet, and after some searching around I wound up reading about the raw vegan diet.  It makes complete sense to me, it doesn't to others.  To each her own.  I think it is time for me to think for myself and do what feels right for me, and this is feeling right so far.  I have some books ordered to help me along the way, but since I've been mostly eating this way already besides a few cooked main courses for dinner, I feel confident that this new way of eating will do me a lot of good. 

So yes, I'm only eating fruit, veggies, and nuts and seeds!  Yes I have energy.  Yes, I am getting protein.  And most importantly, I feel fantastic, and I haven't even started 100% raw!  And no, I don't feel deprived either.  Though it isn't all about weight, but of course a big part of it is, I am keeping track of it and my measurements and will check in with that every week or so.  The biggest indicator for me though will be how I feel, and so far so great.

It is a beautiful day out there, I'm going to enjoy it outside trying to take back my garden from all the weeds – I hope you enjoy yours!!


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  1. I think its wonderful that you are following your heart and doing what you think is best for yourself. The hell with what other ppl think! My husband is a dedicated carnivore so it’d be pretty hard for me to change his mind about the positive aspects of a vegetarian diet. I’m currently not vegan or vegetarian but I was for about 5+ years. I’ve actually been craving salad & veggies lately and could use to take off some weight.

  2. As long as you feel good, that’s what counts!

  3. Good for you for taking care of yourself, Lauren!!!


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