Good to be home

The weekend away was tons of fun.  We ran a pretty good race, considering the circumstances i.e. small IMG_2900path at a golf course to run on with lots of people running on it, pushing a stroller with our almost 40 pound child in it over the grass, and me of course being sick.  We both finished in just under 33 minutes which isn't bad, since IMG_2907 we were also at the very back when we started.  The whole thing was like a big party and The Kiddo was such a trooper staying up until after midnight.  We won't be doing that anytime soon again!  We spent half a day at Zion National Park, I love it so much there.  It amazes me every time.  We did hotel pool swimming and miniature golf, and generally had a good time.  I've decided though that I don't care much for St. George and think we will have to try and bypass it altogether in the future.  I don't know what it is, it just seems like it isn't really that cool.  Anyway, I've just uploaded a bunch of pictures to Flickr so check it out if you have time, there is a bunch.  Here is the breakfast view we had on Friday morning at the park in St. George.  

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  1. Funny – I was driving though St. George today, and thinking that I didn’t really like it that well. And I have no idea why, either, since I’ve rarely done much more than just drive through it. Maybe it’s just the looks of it. I’d much rather stay in Cedar City.


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