Expert advice needed!

I'm working away on my Cabled Hoodie and am really close to being done.  I'm still working on the last sleeve but I have blocked and seamed together as much as I could of everything else.  I'm having a pretty major hood issue though and I need help!  I followed along with the pattern, even though I knew that the cables wouldn't match up on the sides of the hood.  I guess I went ahead in denial and now it's all sewn up and I am disappointed with how it looks.  But I don't really know how else I would do it?  I'd like to have the cables mirrored but I'm not sure how I would do that.  There is also the pointiness of the hood.  I guess maybe short rows or something would be better, but I am so lost in my head as to what I could do.   So if anyone has some great advice, I am ready for it!  Besides these problems, I have put on the hoodie and the half that is all sewn up looks great, I'm so excited for this one to be done, even though I can't really wear it until fall now!

The first picture shows where the hood is seamed to the front neck edeges, and obviously the second is the back of the hood;)

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  1. I know some people modified the Central Park Hoodie hood because they didn’t like how pointed it was. You might search those projects for “hood” or “pointed” or “pointy” and see if you can find any tips.


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