Plowing ahead

I've been working on a new sweater, since that seems to be what I like to do lately.  And I didn't even joinIMG_2695 the knit-12-sweaters-in-a-year thing!  Maybe I should have?  Anyway.  For whatever reason I somehow decided that this one needed to be pink.  I needed a big old pink hoodie.  Patons Cabled Hoodie. (Rav. link)  I'm moving along on in, being more than halfway done with the hood and then only one more sleeve to go!  I think this one might do me in on cables and bobbles for a while though.  I love some cabley goodness but this is turning out to be a bit much, especially since the sweater that I just did had a bunch of bobbles and cables too.  I think I'm going to be pretty happy with the end result though.  I've even been blocking the pieces as I finish them so it will be all ready to get seamed up and then be done.  And with the weather has been going this past week I may even get a chance to wear it soon 😉

In other news, The Boyfriend and I will be running the Salt Lake 5k tomorrow morning!  We've been training for about a month and feel confident that we will make it through it.  It might not be fast, but we will do it!  I get to meet and participate in a seminar tonight with a 7th degree black belt Master, it should be great fun and I'm really excited (and nervous) about it!!  Also tomorrow is our karate tournament, where I will get up in front of strangers and present a form to judges and peers.  I'm not even so nervous about that as I am the seminar.  Anyway, it will be a full weekend and to kick it off I'm taking The Kiddo to my sister's for a sleepover – that way I don't have to push the stroller while I run tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!!

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  1. How exciting! Congrats on doing the 5K, and good luck with the seminar and karate tournament!

  2. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! I remember doing 5k races… but that was in my teens. I don’t think I could even manage a 1k right now without hospitalization.


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