Busy weekend

I had quite the productive weekend in a few ways, not so productive in others, so I guess it all evens out.  IMG_2685 But I do have a sweater to show for it!  I pretty much started and finished Blackberry, I know I had said I started it last week or something but I failed to read through the pattern and was doing the wrong size.  So I started it over and finished it up on Saturday night.  I think it took a whole of 2 days!  It is still drying in The Kiddo's room, the only dogless blocking room available in the house.  So I'll show it to you soon.

IMG_2684I'm well into the next sweater, the Cabled Hoodie (Rav. link) from Paton's Street Smart.  I have a sleeve done, that might get redone as it is kind of long, also a front and this is the back.  I still have a long way to go.  I'm really liking this knit, the cables and bobbles are fun and it is going quickly.  This one should be done soon too, I hope.

We had tons of fun yesterday making all kinds of goodies, like soft pretzelsbutterscotch ice cream, and even  homeade oreos.  The ice cream was by far the best!!  All of it was not very good at all for my 'diet' but oh well ;) 

Have a great day!!

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