I should at least show you the yarn I finished recently since I can't get it together to show you the 3 IMG_2634sweaters just hanging out, waiting.  So here it is.  This yarn took me what seems like forever to do, since I took a spinning hiatus for a couple of months.  It is some self-dyed oatmeal BFL that I made into a 2-ply yarn.  I like how it turned out even though the plying is not my best job ever.  It seemed balanced though, but since half of it sat on the bobbin for months I really don't know.  I think I want to knit it up right away but I don't have anything in mind for it, so it will probably go in the handspun pile to be admired for a while.  That's okay too 🙂
Have a nice weekend! 

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  1. Really beautiful, Lauren!


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