The newest project

Since I zipped through the last sweater so quickly (the Noro sweater is done!) I decided to knit another.  IMG_2619This one is just a little one though, for a child with about a 24" chest.  It will probably go up as an item in the preschool's spring fundraiser's silent auction.  We'll see.  I'm using some stash yarn that was meant for something else, Ella Rae in some bright wild colors.  It will be a simple raglan either, maybe with a hood, maybe not.  At any rate it will be cute and very quick.  After this one is done I really need to get on with the Aspen Grove Shawl – I haven't worked on it in days!  These easy stockinette knits are the ones I go for when I don't want to really think, just knit.  And I've been wanting to do that a lot lately!

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  1. You are on fire!
    I am excited to see the Noro sweater on you.


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