Slow and steady

I may as well show you what I'm working on now, since I'm being so bad about getting pictures of things that are actually done!  I swear I am going to get some pictures, hopefully before Monday so I can show you the two sweaters that are waiting in the wings.

I started another Multi-directional Scarf out of some of my handspun singles.  It is easy knitting that I can pick up and put down and not worry about losing my place.  I get about one wedge done per day.  Eventually it will get done.  I am going to stop when I run out of yarn.  I like it.

I also finally cast on for Miriam's  Aspen Grove Shawl in some pretty baby blue, baby alpaca.  It was a bit tricky starting off because I've only knit top down triangle shawls, and I was having a hard time switching my brain from that mindset.  But it is moving along now and I am now ready to start row 53.  It is for The Kiddo's teacher since this year will be our last at her preschool – she has been so great and I want to do something really nice for her.  I should be able to get this done by May 😉

I am also feeling a pull from the Noro in my stash.  So I am swatching.


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  1. Oh that scarf looks gorgeous!!! The colors are different, but gorgeous.

  2. I’m sure you’ll be done with that Aspen Grove Shawl in no time!


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