Me. The Snake.

I was looking in my karate handbook last night, which I should have done when I got it as there is a lot of helpful stuff in there!  Anyway, I found the page with the chinese zodiac info and discovered that I am a snake.  I've never looked it up or known before so I was surprised at what I saw.  Here's what the book said, I have highlighted the words that totally describe me, to a T:

Intense and introverted, Snakes often are distrusted by others and have trouble communicating effectively.  They are wise and deep-thinking, but also tend to be vain and selfish.  Still, they offer aid to those less fortunate than themselves.  Money never seems to be a problem for Snakes, nor do they worry about it.  They prefer their own judgement to the advice of othersGenerally passionate and attractive, Snakes do not make the most faithful marriage partners.

Ahem.  We won't talk about that last line there.

Wikipedia puts the negative a little more harshly, it seemed to me!

Deep thinker, wise, mystic, graceful, soft-spoken, sensual, creative,
prudent, shrewd, ambitious, elegant, cautious, responsible, calm,
strong, constant, purposeful. Can be loner, bad communicator,
possessive, hedonistic, self-doubting, distrustful, mendacious

My life all of a sudden makes a lot more sense knowing that I am a snake!  Ahhh, anyway.  I have knitting to show you.  I just need to get some pictures.  Will get on that, after I get done looking at myself in the mirror šŸ˜‰

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  1. I think you should be emphasizing the GOOD aspects, not the bad ones!

  2. Hmmm . . . I’m an ox, which according to Wikipedia makes me narrow-minded and rigid.


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