January Goals

Since I have been so lacking in the fiber department for the last few months I figure I should make some goals.  Almost half of the month is gone already so I won't be making too many.  But here they are anyway.

1) Finish my Oregon Sweater.  I have a ways to go on this one but if I really stick with it and knit monogamously on it then I should be able to get it done.  I'll post a progress pic of it tomorrow.

2) Get my fiber for Valpuri all carded up.  I have a lot left to do on this as well but if I dedicate a little time each day to it then I shouldn't have a problem. 

3) Finish The Kiddo's Cropped Cardigan.  It only needs a zipper install and the ends woven in so definitely doable, one would think!

That's enough I think.  The Oregon Sweater will keep me busy but it will be so great to have it finally done.  Wish me luck!

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