Why me?

I went to block my Flower Basket shawl just now and everything was going fine.  That was, until I noticed the gaping hole that was emerging.  I thought I'd try to grab the ends and try and cinch it up somehow but it just started getting worse.  This is not cool.  I'm tempted to just throw the fricker away since it took me so damn long to knit in the first place.  I guess that is the risk you run when you knit lace with handspun right?  I want to say a lot worse, but I won't, so Dammit will have to do.  I wouldn't be so mad if it were close to the end, but it is closer to the beginning of the shawl so I'll be ripping an awful lot if I decide to fix it.  Ugh.IMG_2408

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  1. chris

     /  December 19, 2008

    Oh, I am so sorry. I hope you figure out what to do! I think Mim was going to teach a ‘fixing lace’ class at blazing needles, but I’m not sure…maybe you could run it by her if you need help?
    No matter what, that sucks. Best wishes.

  2. Oh no!! I agree with Chris – maybe you can run over to Blazing Needles sometime when Mim’s there and see if she has any ideas.

  3. Oh NOES!!!!! is it a missed stitch or is it the yarn coming apart??? Either way is sad… I agree with both commenters above though!!!
    Cheers Eva
    PS: I can’t believe you personally know Mim… that she goes to a LNS you go to too!!! That is all kinds of awesome hehehe.


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