New Yarns

Is that what my last post was titled too?!  I guess that's all I've been doing lately with what little spare time I've been able to find these days.  I did finish knitting a Christmas stocking for The Kiddo's teacher but didn't take any pictures so you'll have to take me at my word 😉IMG_2362IMG_2343

The first is from some BFL that I dyed (
shown in the previous post).  I really like how it turned out even though the blue and pinks kind of got lost/turned into more purples.  I ended up with about 330 yards of a 2-ply  light worsted, I think.  It will make a great something, I just don't know what!  So it will probably go in a bag to be used sometime in the future.

I also spuIMG_2304
n up a big old crazy batt that I carded myself that was full of merino, miscellaneous fibers, dyed fleece bits, sari silk threads and recycled denim.  TherIMG_2363_1e's probably more in there but I forget what all I tossed in the mix.  I spun them thick and thin, bulky-ish, and I love how they turned out!!  They are each about 20 yards, so not much there but they will be great as a trim for something.  These ones are up in my shop, along a few other dyed fibers I put up today.  Go look!  And have a great weekend!  

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  1. Heather Joins The Round

     /  December 15, 2008

    I love that BFL!


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