Trying to be productive, part 1

I've been (s)lacking in a lot of departments around my house lately, which I'll tell you about, but the main subject today is spinning.  I wanted to start spinning again.  The problem was that I had some very old stuff taking up space on some bobbins and spindles and I felt guilty, so I decided to get them out of the way before I started anything new.  I had other stuff lying around that just needed to be washed, so I did that too.  So to the yarn.


On the top there is some slubby stuff from a batt I made at Camp Pluckyfluff, some granny stacks and coils, and then a lot of coils.  I love how the coiled yarn came out!  On the bottom is a money batt I also made in Seattle, and then some chain plied yarn made from Crazy Monkey Creations merino. 

We did a ton of stuff this weekend after two trips to Ikea, I'll show you the results of that later this week.  Enjoy your day!

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