What the smears do, and my last politics post until November

It has been quite the week in politics.  Lots of smearing and negativity, even lots of hate.  I was reading in a forum this morning about the newest string of chain emails that just put out outright lies and get sent around like mad by ignorant people.  Thankfully I have never been the recipient of one, but it still happens way too much apparently.  That, along with this op-ed today prompted my finger to do some walking over here and my credit card to do some talking.  I, like so many others, may not even have the money to donate but it is important to me and I will do what I can to help the fight.  The smears translate into money for Obama, so keep them coming if you think it will help, even though it obviously hasn’t helped so far – even Kristol admits it!  Go ahead and follow his advice even though it will be completely transparent if you do.  Every time it gets really ugly I can find comfort in giving my money to the campaign I believe in : )

I promise, no more politics until it’s over!  I’m going to vote early to avoid any potential problems.  Did I tell you that The Boyfriend will be working the polls?! 

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  1. I’ll be voting early too as to avoid issues. I’m so disgusted at how this race has fallen into a smear-fest.. its damned risky this day and age to throw around that kind of hate-speak. I’m hoping once Obama gets into the White House that a lot of things start changing here.. for the better.

  2. No matter how negative they get, we’ve got to keep it positive! You’ve inspired me to make another donation, although it will have to wait until Friday when my man gets paid.


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