The Boyfriend’s Scarf

He asked me for a scarf to keep his neck warm while out riding his motorcycle.  I just happened to have someImg_1928
handspun in colors he said he would wear so I whipped up a scarf for him this weekend.  He Img_1929
says it is a little itchy, too bad!!  I think it turned out pretty nice though.  Too bad the weather has taken a turn toward winter and he probably won’t get in much more riding before it gets even colder.  Anyway, I hardly ever knit anything for him so I’m glad he asked and I was able to do it : )

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  1. It is a pretty scarf. Oh – maybe I should say it’s a handsome scarf, since it’s the boyfriend’s.

  2. Lookin’ good. Once it gets cold, it won’t be itchy, right?
    Whenever I make something for my man, I have to go through a long question and answer period about design and materials. I learned this when he kept wearing a scarf I made for my kid–kid sized! If he likes something, that’s what he likes. I made him the same scarf, but sized for his 6’3″-ness, and he loves it. I had to get the exact same yarn, though, he didn’t like the first one I made in a different yarn. Funny, no?


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