So is this how we are supposed to be inspired?

Or is the McCain/Palin campaign trying to divide us even more than we already are?  Aren’t we, as a nation under God, supposed to be patriotic as one people?  Are we supposed to be a nation of haters, wishing death on our fellow Americans?  Really?  I think you know my answer to those questions. 

I usually get mad about stuff like this but I saw these videos today and they just made me really, really sad.  The first is of members of a crowd after a McCain/Palin rally in Ohio.  The second is of a crowd waiting to get into a McCain event in Pennsylvania.  I know I’m not alone thinking this is wrong.  I have never wished ill on McCain or Palin, or heck even George W. Bush.  This just sucks.  And we need to get our act together and stop this ignorant nonsense and solve some real issues.

Once again, for anyone who needs the links:



Stop the ignorance and get the truth.

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  1. Its attitudes like that which led me to leave PA in the first place…
    (if it makes you feel any better, my folks are still in PA and they’re voting Obama!!)

  2. There are some people just too stupid to help decide who will head our country. ~sigh~

  3. Allyson

     /  October 10, 2008

    I don’t consider myself to be stupid just because I’m not voting for Obama. And I could say the same thing about some people who support Obama – just too stupid to help decide who will head our country.
    And not all McCain/Palin supporters think Obama is a terrorist or that he should be killed, etc. We question his judgment because he’s associated with them. Notice I didn’t accuse him of being pals or friends with them – but the fact that he has done business with terrorists and their associations in the past, does give one cause for concern.
    Nor do I look forward to having my brains taxed to death by Obama.

  4. wow…shocking and very very sad.

  5. Can’t we just disagree with respect? Why do we have to hate the other guy? This whole character assassination makes me ill.


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