Handspun and Fiber Goodies

Img_1880I’ve been knitting here and there over the past week, but mostly I’ve been spinning.  I’ve been organizing my
fiber stash and spinning up some stuff that has been calling to me to make it into yarn.  I’ve been dyeing up fiber too, 2 pounds this week!  I ordered a Img_1885
bunch of stuff from a few different places, and I got a nice big package from Paradise Fibers yesterday.  There was some pretty cool stuff in there, including bamboo, Targhee, and even mohair locks!  I should have lots of fun getting it dyed up and ready Img_1881
to play with.

So the handspun.  They are all merino thick and thin singles and I’ve even given them names, awww 😉  The stuff up there in the left corner is called Rockit, because that’s the Gorillaz song that was in my head the entire time while spinning it.  The yellow, orange, and brown is called Campfire, which is not picked by me but by Nichole.  The reddish Img_1882
brown is Redwood, how fancy eh?  I have such a hard time naming yarn or fiber, oh Img_1883

This is the last pound of fiber that I dyed, some Falkland using blue, purple and coal.  I think it turned out quite nicely.  I want to spin some of it up as I’ve never done Falkland before, but it’ll have to wait for what is currently on the wheel.

That’s it for today, have a great fibery weekend!

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  1. WANT WANT WANT… that blue purple coal stuff… it is absolutely frickin’ gorgeous!!!! If you’re ever dying up another batch, please sell me some…
    Cheers Eva

  2. Awww, I’m so honored you chose to call it what i called it! I really loved that yarn, it knit up so gorgeously. I’m still trying to find the perfect buttons to go with it!


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