My very productive spinning workshop results

I mentioned before that I forgot to charge my camera’s batteries before leaving for the Pacific Northwest, so I only got about 5 pictures of the class before it just died.  I will share them anyway, but also direct you to one of the other girls’ flickr set.  The sweaters you will see were made by our hostess who has a serious Img_1818
collection of both yarn and handspun yarn that she has made and bought.  I have never seen such amazing sweaters and ingenious use of novelty and handspun yarn!  P.S. the sweaters are very big on the modelers because the hostess was very tall 😉

Lexi is a great teacher.  She got through tons of techniques and was very encouraging, and also had tons Img_1819
of cool stuff for us to use.  Those included the massive sharing table with loads of miscellaneous fibers and add-ins, and the super cool drum carder that made super cool crazy batts.  So on to my yarns that I was able to create.  Even though I made a bunch of them it seemed to hardly put a dent in the 2 plus pounds I took up there!

First was practicing coils, granny stacks, and twists.  I didn’t bring the right single for this, but it turned out cute anyway.   I also didn’t get very many twists, but that is becuase my single wasn’t overplied very much at all.  The single was just some corriedale that I dyed, and it is plied with a fine pink thread.

The next one looks wierd.  It looks that way in the picture and in person.  It was supposed to be extreme thick and thin with super slubby bits.  I tried to put too much in the super slubby bits and so they all tried to come apart.  Some of them did and I ended up tying them together!  I suppose I could try and fix it, as I haven’t set the twist yet in any of these, we’ll see.  The fiber was a crazy batt, i.e. a mix of my own fiber and stuff from the sharing table.

Here is another coiled yarn.  With this one I tried to do a thick and thin single with really thick parts to make big funky coils.  Some of them didn’t want to coil so they are just hanging off parts instead of funky coils.  I do like this one a lot.  I hadn’t done a yarn that was just coiled throughout and I’ve gotta say I do like it better than just coils here and there.  It is a blast to do too!  This is some merino that is self-dyed.

This one was hard to get a good picture of.  It is a core spun yarn with finely carded mohair.  I used a purple thread for the core yarn and tried to do mostly white-ish mohair.  The idea is that you tease the mohair onto the thread while spinning to make kind of clouds, or a see-through yarn.  Mine got a little overtwisted and a little much mohair in spots.  Anyway the idea is super cool and the yarns look so pretty (even if you can’t tell that mine is from the pic!).

Felt Nubbies!  Mine were more like felt flat coins or something but I still think it turned out cool.  I used up all of mine and there were a lot!  It is just a single with the nubbies added on while spinning.  I used some merino and BFL for the nubbies, and the single is some merino I picked up from Spunky Eclectic.  It should make a great hat!

Next up is fabric.  This one was a sample of strips of different fabrics so I could try out joining the fabric together.  I also spun some hemp in there. 

I also did some denim.  This is about one pair of pants worth, and let me tell you, spinning denim is hard.  Especially if you cut it in thicker strips, and if you leave on big chunks with the snaps on them.  Trying to get that stuff through the orifice was far from easy.  I do like the end result and can’t wait to see how it knits up.

This one also came from a crazy batt.  No thinking about it, just spun it and let it did what it wanted to.  It is basically just a thick and thin single with lots of cool stuff in it, like get this, shredded money!  Who knew?!  Lexi said that after her classes everyone leaves pretty much ready to go out and get a drum carder.  I am no exception.

This one is another crazy batt, and it is one of my most favoritest yarns I did from the class.  I started with some merino from my stash, and added a lot of miscellaneous stuff.  While spinning I wrapped it with a white mohair yarn which I ran out of about halfway through, so I had to switch to a blue mohair.  It would have looked so great with just the white, but I still love it.

The last one is my ultimate favorite.  It is another crazy batt that I spun thick and thin and wrapped with four different threads, including some hemp twine.  I just love how it turned out!  Who knows if I will ever use it though, I may just hang it up somewhere and admire it!

So here are the batts that I made.  They are all pretty much just a mix of fiber, I tried to use more of my own fiber and less add-ins.  The blue and red one is all mohair though, so I can try the mohair clouds again. 

Okay I forgot to show you these before, my souveneirs from the Made in Washington store.  These are made by local artists.  I picked up a turtle magnet and a trivet.  I also got some Chukar chocolates, but those are long gone of course 😉

Did you really read this far?!  I’m so glad I went to take this class, and I would even probably take it again if Lexi were ever to make it to Utah.  I had so much fun, and it was so liberating just doing whatever I wanted to with the fiber and mixing all kinds of crazy stuff together.  No rules is good sometimes, really really good.  This is only the beginning though, I just need to start my own collection of whatever to use, and start saving for a drum carder!

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  1. Wow, you sure made some wild stuff! I think the mohair one is my favorite. It must have been fun learning all of those different techniques.

  2. You are amazing and soaking up all that knowledge like a sponge. Good work!

  3. Fascinating! You know, you can “rent” the drum carder at Three Wishes.

  4. HOw COOL!! I really wanted to take a class with Jaci of InsubordiKnit when she was here in Atlanta but it got canceled before I could figure out how to get the money. Ive got a bunch of art yarn spinning books on my Amazon list for my birthday or christmas but a class would be even cooler. THanks for sharing your yarns.. they are really neat, especially the crazy batt ones.

  5. I’m not much for art yarns, but I recognised that one roving’s colors hehehe (I was looking at the flickr pics before I read the rest of the post here)!!!
    Looks like you had loads of fun and learned a lot.
    Cheers Eva

  6. I had no idea you could spin fabric like that! I look forward to seeing the yarn, and eventually, the stuff you knit with it.

  7. Hey Lauren! Thanks for posting about the camp! It was so much fun getting to meet everyone and get completely immersed in this for two days. 🙂 Hope to see you at some other workshop in Seattle one day! 🙂

  8. joan hung

     /  November 4, 2008

    I am trying to buy some of the yarn made from shredded money for my final year surface textile project which is inspired by financial market disequilibrium–do you have any idea where I can buy this? I see you mention it in your blog.
    Many thanks,
    Joan Hunt
    Hertfordshire, U.K.


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