Monet to Picasso

For the local grrls – did you go?  Apparently it is sold out now, so I suppose we were lucky that we even got in at all! 

We went this afternoon with The Baby and it went pretty well.  She didn’t get bored until we were almost done and she even enjoyed some of the art.  I knew this was a once in a lifetime experience for us so I made sure that we went to see it.  I admit I’m not terribly into art but I really enjoyed seeing all of the amazing paintings and sculptures.  Something about being right there and looking at what these brilliant artists touched once themselves, and poured so much of their feeling and emotion into it.  Amazing.  And now I can say that I saw up close and in person the works of Picasso, Rodin, Monet, and my favorite, Van Gogh. 

See you next week with my trip recap of Portland and Seattle and Camp Pluckyfluff!

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  1. Yes, I went. And I always feel a bit awed to see not only the beautiful art, but to look at individual brush strokes and think about the person that made them.

  2. Wasn’t it great? My girlfriend who works at the museum said the Rodin sculpture of the young guy is widely viewed as being the best Rodin in the United States. Rock on! I love Rodin.
    Sometimes in Las Vegas they have art exhibits at the Venetian. You should check it out next time you go down there. I saw a Franz Mark painting that knocked me on my ass.

  3. I went with my sisters and mom in August and LOVED it! My niece (who is a prim and proper mormon girl) came with and asked why there were so many naked people.

  4. Oh NO! I was thinking about going tonight. Sigh.


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