Latest Spinning

This is a pretty merino/romney batt that I got from Squoosh on sale a little while ago.  I know, more green!  I’m on one with green right now I guess, don’t know why.  Anyway, since my first couple ofImg_1658
experiences with batts didn’t go too well, I tried to research a better way of spinning them before I started this one.  I found this post by Amy (through Ravelry of Img_1659
course!) and decided to go with that.  So I made my first ever cute little rolags and off to spinning I went.  It’s going pretty well and I think I like spinning from the rolags, it’s pretty easy.  And I think the spinning is turning out good too.  I hope to work on this a little each day and have it done by next week, or at least before I leave for Portland/Seattle on the 19th – that should be enough time!  Who knows though, school starts today and I need to deep clean my house, and I’m sure a million other things will come up too.  Geez, it feels like I barely even have time to knit anymore.  I need to fix that…

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  1. I love green, I don’t much enjoy cleaning my house, and my kid started kindergarten this week, too. Maybe we are secretly the same person? Except you being fabulous with the spinning and me not so much…

  2. I’ve been meaning to try spinning from rolags, but I don’t have batts to try! Sounds really fun!


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