Back from Vegas and a Political Rant

Vegas was great and fun, but 3 days there is really too long.  Especially being away from my kiddo for that long.  I missed her terribly and by the end of Sunday I really just wanted to be back home relaxing, not walking around on The Strip with all of the other touristas and crazy women wearing insanely revealing outfits to go clubbing and to be seen – lol.  I’m so glad to be home!  School starts this week along with dance classes, and I’m not quite ready yet but it is nice to have some kind of purpose again after a long hot summer.  Anyway, on to the other interesting stuff.

A lot has happened politically in the last few weeks, right?  The Democratic National Convention and the McCain VP announcement, just to name a couple.  I try to follow the politics, but lately I have been noticing some disturbing things.  I recently found a few websites that I will be visiting more often, they are and  I might be behind with these, but better late than never?  So with all of the ads and speeches you hear a lot of claims about the candidates, and it is helpful to know if they are really true or not.  So if you haven’t been to those, go check them out please, to get the truth – about all of the candidates.

The disturbing things.  Here on Politifact is a list of the truthiness of chain emails spread around about presidential candidates.  I looked at all of them, and the majority of them are about Barack Obama, a handful about Hillary Clinton, and only a few are about John McCain.  All but one of the completely untrue ones?  They are mostly about Obama, some about Hillary.  Why is this?  It leads me to believe that there are people out there who just don’t like Obama and Hillary and are trying to sabotage them by spreading outright lies about them.  And if you look at those, they are pretty nasty things that are being put out there.  Why are there so few about McCain?  It leads me to believe that though people may not like McCain they are restraining from spreading outright lies about him.  Am I wrong to assume this?! 

Now I will admit that the Obama/Biden campaign is not completely in the clear here, they have been putting out stuff that is wrong too, you can see that if you go to the above mentioned sites.  My biggest gripe here is that both sides are spreading things that are untrue.  Why do that?  If you are confident in what you have to offer and that it is better than the opposition, do you really have to get into the mudslinging?  I don’t think I’m alone either in not wanting them to go there, period.  The biggest problem is that people don’t fact check, and a lot of people just believe anything they hear.  So people believe that Obama’s other middle name is Muhammed and that he is an America-hating-Muslim, when it is far from the truth according to the facts that people could find if they only looked.  It isn’t fair if either party wins the election having done so from LYING.  So stop it!!  Give us a break, and let’s just hear the truth – we can handle it!

Okay, that feels better having got that out.  Ahhhhh 🙂 

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  1. It would be nice if the campaigns spent their money and energy making constructive plans.

  2. Some people just suck.
    I read this NYT article that stated that people believe what they hear three times even if they initially know it’s not true. The article recommended not repeating the falsehood, just the truth: ‘Barak Obama embraced Christianity as a very young child’ instead of ‘Barak Obama is not a Muslim’. Crazy how the human brain works.


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