WIP Wednesday

I have two socks in progress, unfortunately they are not both from the same pair.  I couldn’t help myself Img_1644though, after I finished the Lavendar’s Green yarn I had to cast on for a sock.  I’m doing the Vertical Lace with Twisted Ribbing pattern from More Sensational Socks.  I like how they are turning out so far! 

The other sock is from some Hello Yarn sock yarn.  It isn’t quite how I pictured it would be, but I like them Img_1643
anyway.  If I had played with the stitch count and needles then maybe I could have gotten it to be smaller striped but I didn’t really feel like messing with it.  I’m doing a double moss stitch pattern also from Sensational Socks. 

I have to get the house cleaned today since I’ve been putting it off for weeks now.  The dust bunnies are starting to attack!  I hope you are doing something more fun 🙂

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  1. I LOVE the green ones!

  2. The green sock’s to die for!!! It is absolutely gorgeous 🙂
    Cheers Eva

  3. Excellent pattern choice for the green. My attempt at cabling turned out ropy too. How did your garden do?


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