I Made Cabled Yarn!

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now and I finally just decided to go for it.  I’m glad I did.  Img_1641
The fiber I used was BFL in the Ex-Parrot colorway by Sakina Needles, I got mine from the Loopy Ewe.  It seemed like the perfect colorway to try it with and I really like how it turned out!  If you are interested in the details, I’m going to spill it.

I split the roving in fourths lengthwise, but didn’t quite do it evenly even though the scale said that they were all 1 oz.  That or I didn’t spin each bit evenly as I always had a bobbin with more.  I spun 2 bobbins of fine singles using the long draw and then overplied those Img_1642
together, like really overplied.  Then I did it again so I had 2 bobbins of the 2 ply yarn.  The I plied those together going the other way but I don’t think I did enough, or I overplied too much the first time.  The yarn isn’t balanced and it is a bit like a fine rope but it is still really cool.  I love how it blended the colors!  I ended up with about 230 yards of around sport/dk weight I think.  The whole time I was thinking it reminded me of the leaves changing colors in the fall.  Now I’m hankering for a ride up the canyon when they actually do start changing! 

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  1. Wow.. that’s really beautiful! I really like the look of the cabled yarn.. the colors really are different!

  2. wow, that is really pretty! i don’t think i have the patience for cabled yarn… 😉 and you got some great yardage too!

  3. Gorgeous!!!! You know, I got sick of always having little left overs on a bobbin, so now I just fill a bobbin with yarn, wind it into a ball using my ballwinder and then ply with the 2 ends of that ball. 2 advantages: no left overs and my plied yarn looks a lot better too!!!
    Cheers Eva
    PS: Like the new hairdo 🙂


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