Lavendar’s Green

I’ve been spinning (or not spinning, rather) this stuff for what seems like forever, probably for 5 weeks now.  I’ve been itching to get something else going on the wheel so I had to get it finished up.  I did that this past week.  The plying and Img_1637
washing was done yesterday and today I have a new pretty yarn!  My only complaint is that I wish there were more purple mixed in with the green, other than that I think this is pretty nice yarn.  The top is by The Dyeing Arts which I picked up at the The Loopy Ewe.  I did a true 3 ply yarn and I ended up with about 350 yards of a sock/sport weight.  And I think I’ll even make some socks
with it!

I hImg_1639ave other spinning going on too.  For some reason I thought I’d pick up a spindle and do some spinning that way, and I have two other yarns on spindles now.  The darker one was from a long while ago that had been neglected, the other is some new stuff.  It’ll be a while before I finish these though!

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  1. Go 3 ply. You do need more socks. For when the roof of the hut lets in cold.


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