Le Slouch and a New ‘Do

I guess I should post once in a while, seeing as I have a blog!  I’ve just been busy and hot and tired and not Img_1614
feeling much like blogging.  I’ve also been injuring myself here and there and haven’t been doing as much spinning and knitting as I’d like to.  But I have been knitting, and I did finish something!  I wanted to do a small gift for a friend and came up with Le Slouch, after seeing it on Mouse’s blog.  I also did mine from a lone skein of Malabrigo and I quite like how it turned out.  It was very easy knittingImg_1622 and I think I would do one again, maybe even for me.

I also got a new haircut today!  I kind of dislike getting haircuts, but I think I’ve finally found a place that I like so today’s was pretty good.  I think it was anyway.  I’ve hadImg_1623 the same boring hair for a long time now and I thought it might be time for a change.  The trouble is that I am so out of touch with that kind of thing that I have no idea what would look good on
me.  So I printed some pictures and set off for the salon and the hairdresser picked a style for me and hooked me up.  I like it.  These aren’t great pictures, but what do you think?  I was ready to go crazy or even a little bit wild, but I think she did a good job.  Maybe next time I’ll do something more out there, like dyeing it blue or something…;)

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  1. It’s adorable! I love the layers around your face!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think it is fab. I love the length. I wish I could pull of hair like that. And of course I adore that Le Slouch.

  3. I really like the layers in the back. I don’t like the sound of “injuring” – hope it wasn’t anything too bad.

  4. Well, for cuteness! I like it! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Seriously, I’m glad you decided against the shaving thing this time (hee hee). ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I looks good!

  5. Uh, I mean, ‘it’ looks good, not ‘I’ looks good.
    That would be the day, eh??!?? Bah!!


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