Out of the Garden

I didn’t finish any knitted projects tonight, but I wanted to have something to post.  So here’s what I pulled fromImg_1561
the garden tonight.  The carrots aren’t quite carrots yet, but aren’t they cute?!  I’ve never had them grow so I was itching to see what they looked like.  I’m so giddy about them!  Carrots are one of my all time favorite veggies 🙂  We only did one zucchini plant this year and so far it is turning Img_1562
out to be plenty.  We have one or two every just about every other day and I try to keep the small like the small one in the picture – they taste better that way.  The only bad thing about the tomato plants is they are so freaking bushy, it’s hard to get in there and see where any tomatoes are!  Those ones are going on my salad tomorrow for lunch.  Yum.  Oh, there is a picture of our latest toy, the Ultimate Sprouter I picked up locally at a natural foods store.  Houston, we are about to have sprouts!

We have some exciting new that I should be able to share with you tomorrow or Thursday so keep a look out.  It’s actually not my news but The Boyfriend’s.  Anyway, have a great day!

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  1. mmmm…they all look so yummy!

  2. The carrots are so cute. Did you eat the greens too?


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