The Baby’s New Name

So we all know that The Baby is not really so much a baby anymore, being that she will be 5 on her next Img_1543_2
birthday.  I’ve wanted to change her blog name for a long time, but couldn’t really think of any other nickname that I called her.  Well the other day I realized that I do indeed have a name that I call her quite often, so as of today I’m changinImg_1532g it up here.  So we will now call my lovely and free-spirited child Bobita.  A little strange?  Let’s just say that it rhymes with her real name it I like it, and I think it fits her 🙂  This was the one time she didn’t want a picture of her taken, so that’s the best I could do.  Notice the backwards shorts!  Here she is also with her newest toys, bought all with her own money!  She’s been earning an allowance and we took her out this weekend to pick out her own toy, and we will also be helping her to pick a charity to give some of her money to, and setting up her very own bank account.  She’s definitely getting a better start with learning how to manage money than I did!  Luckily we had no problems at the toy store since they had something she could buy for less than $8!

I’m reading a new book, one I first heard of over at Insubordiknit, and well it’s really changing my views.  It is called Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn.  It’s also making me feel really guilty about the way I’ve been ‘parenting’ so far.  I’ve really been more of a controller and not a parent.  Why?  Well that’s how I was raised for the most part.  I realize that I need to have a better relationship with my child and treat her with a little more respect than I have been.  So far the book is telling me how traditional discipline is not really beneficial at all, which totally makes sense because it never worked on me!  I still don’t know quite what to do overall yet, I’m only halfway through the book.  But I have been making a real effort to not punish her, to talk to her more, and to not get mad or yell.  I’m not a total ogre, but I do have my moments that I’m not proud of.  At least I’m admitting my problem and I know that I have to change.  Hopefully she’ll be a lot better off if we can be more understanding around here.

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  1. OK, now you’ll have us all trying to figure out what rhymes with Bobita. Good luck with the whole parenting thing. It’s beyond me.

  2. chris

     /  July 22, 2008

    I need that book, I think. So much of what you say speaks to me (I was no-poo for two years!). One of my favorite books is by Kohn, Punished by Rewards. I *know* I can do better, I know that what I resort to is ineffective, but I have such a little tool box to deal with the big problems. If you only have a hammer, everything is a nail. Sigh.
    I’m thinking lolita. 😉

  3. Parenting is just the toughest job, isn’t it? I think you’re great at it, though. Your kid’s fantastic, too.


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