Cable Rib Scarf and Brisket

I have whipped out one of those WIPs I showed you last week!  I pulled out the Cable Rib Scarf since it was Img_1533
the easiest item to work on, not taking much concentration and easily put down on whatever row I was on.  I just finished it off this morning and, of course, had The Baby do a model shot.  This scarf is seriously thick, and long, a little taller than me.  Okay, that isn’t that long!  I’m about 5′ 2", but anyway, here’s the quick stats:

  • Pattern – Just used a cable stitch from Cables UntangledImg_1536
  • Yarn – Crystal Palace Iceland Print, 3 skeins
  • Needles – US Size 10 1/2
  • Time to Knit – About a month

We also decided to smoke up some briImg_1531sket on Saturday, which turned out pretty damn good if I do say so myself!  Right now we are taking information from Amazing Ribs and it has worked out pretty well.  We have a gas grill that does a pretty good job but we soon realized that if we really want to smoke and do some BBQ we would need a smoker.  So we bought one.  We must be crazy, but do love Img_1530
some good barbecue and isn’t that what summer is all about?!  So anyway, it should be here this week or early next, and as soon as it does get here I imagine we’ll be trying our hand at pork shoulder.  Anyway, here’s what the brisket looked like.  I can’t describe what it tasted like but it was really, really good. 

Tomorrow I’ll share with you The Baby’s new nickname (for the blog) change, and the latest book I’m reading since I’m not getting a whole lot of spinning or knitting time in lately. 

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  1. Cute scarf! (And girl, of course!!)
    Glad to hear the ‘smoking’ is going well. 😉


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