Enviro Friday

I haven’t been doing as fantastic as I wanted to with some of the stuff I have mentioned in previous weeks.  I have given up on the no poo shampoo.  It was working, but then my hair started getting worse and worse, like greasy and I couldn’t get it figured out and I just wasn’t excited about it anymore.  So I’m back to using up my shampoo, but I am using a lot less than I was.  And I haven’t been using conditioner at all, so far I haven’t needed it.  I plan to try out some shampoo bars and see if those aren’t better for me.  The dish tubs don’t get as much use as I want them to, mostly due to my laziness.  I really need to work on that again.  I am happy to say though, that one thing I did great on this week was mileage.  I only went 160 miles this week!  And it seemed like I did quite a bit of driving around too.  I’m figuring out my miles per gallon to be at least 30 too, sometimes more, which seems really good for my little ’05 Corolla.  I attribute that to my slower and much less aggressive driving.  Driving better is more relaxing, so double plus!

I don’t want to make any new goals this week, besides keeping my mileage under 200 and using my dish Img_1514_2
pans more.  So I guess I’ll just talk for a minute.  
I was so disappointed yesterday when our 1 1/2 year old blender just crapped out.  I hate to think of appliances as just being disposable and having to replace them, this model was a little pricey and I thought we’d have it for a longer time than we did.  So yes, I was aggravated to say the least.  We are addicted to smoothies around here so we had to go out and get a new blender, but instead of the local chain store we went to Orson Gigi, a local company, instead.  We ended up scoring a deal on a high priced blender as it was the display model and the only one in the store.  So we paid the price for 2 ‘high end’ blenders and got one that should last a lifetime.  Instead of 600 watts, we got a 3 horsepower motor!  The frozen fruit will be a problem no more!

While we were there we got a few plates to replace some that had broken.  I can safely say that we will never again buy a set of plates at the Img_1515big box stores that will just eventually break or chip and ultimately become junk, even though they are ‘pretty’.  We are now buying these Melamine plates.  They might be a little toxic, I don’t know for sure.  I do know we’ll never get away from all toxins and I’m willing to live with some.  I also know these plates are going to last forever too.  They are super hard plastic that are impossible to break or chip, which is good enough for me.  Plus they are great colors!  I look forward to piecing together our own little colorful collection of dinnerware that will never have to be replaced.  So in the long run, it’s okay to consume, we are just going to try and do it smarter by buying things that will last.

So that’s it for today, have a great weekend!  We are going to attempt smoking some more ribs and I get to go hang out with the girls in my family so it will be really fun.  Enjoy yours 🙂

P.S. I missed the speech (link is below if you missed it too), but go Gore!  Think what you want about him, but I don’t think my view will ever be shaken.  He is a very smart man with huge vision, and at least he’s talking about the environment.  That’s more than we can say for all the politicians who can sit and do nothing while denying that our emissions are harmful and claiming global warming doesn’t exist.  And yes, I think we can solve it!

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  1. I only just gave up my old Corelle plates (well, except for the bowls, I can never have too many bowls), but only because they were so old that they’ve finally gotten fragile. Now when the pieces do break, they shatter into millions of sharp, tiny shards. I loved having something lightweight and durable instead of fragile china or heavy stoneware. Unfortunately, DH won’t give up his “precious” heavy stoneware that he hand-carried back from England, so we’re still using that along with some cheap-but-fairly-durable china that was my mother’s. Personally, I’d rather still be using the Corelle.

  2. I adore Gore, I think he is an amazing guy. Smoothies sound so good right about now! 🙂 Congrats on your new plates and blender!


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