Dabbling in Crochet

I picked up some funky yarn at Three Wishes last week with a small coin purse for Img_1499
The Baby in mind.  The sample that was at the store was pretty cute and I figured how hard could it really be?  Well it took me a while to figure things out and get this one going, using the Happy Hooker for help, but I finally got one done.  And it isn’t half bad!  It still needs a snap or something and the straps aren’t quite centered, but it will do just fine for her.  I have one more skein that I might use to take another stab at a coin purse. 

After the purse was done I still had the crochet bug, so I started on a hat.  It isn’t anything fancy, just a chain stitch all the way Img_1502
around but I did it all by myself.  I made sure and asked her if she liked the point on top or not before finishing it that way.  My girl’s got style 😉  She was pretty happy with her whole ensemble.

In other stuff, I’ve been doing some work on the top secret bamboo project, lots of spinning, and also a bit of knitting.  I also entertained The Baby while she had a stomach bug and made it through the entire Wall-E PS2 game!  I don’t do the video games all that often, but sometimes they can be pretty addicting.  Anyway, tomorrow I’ll show you my WIPs that you haven’t seen yet. 

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  1. Aww, look at her, all dressed up to go out in style!

  2. Uh oh – the baby looks like she’s ready to go out on a shopping spree! Watch out!

  3. awwwww…too cute!


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