Spinning: Old, New, and Then Some

I had kind of a marathon spinning session this weekend.  I finished the Great Balls of Fire stuff I had going and made a few more yarns.  I wanted to do some more experimenting with novelty/art yarns, and that I did.  Let’s get right to the yarn shall we?

This first one is the Great Balls of Fire yarn.  It is 70/30 Grey Colonial and Tussah Silk and it made for very nice spinning.  I did a 3-ply and ended up with about 500 yards of a dk-ish weight.  Now the only thing I have to deal with is deciding what to make with it!  By the way this was Something Old.


The next one is my first attempt at wrapping while spinning.  It qualifies as Something New as it is merino that I dyed up semi-recently.  I had some multicolor thread that I used for the wrapping and I just tried to spin a thick and thin single.  I ended up with about 200 yards, not bad!  I liked doin the wrapping technique, so much so that I did another wrapped yarn the next day.  


Next up is Something Old, because this fiber was hanging around from my first stab at using the dyepot.  I had done several small strips of merino in all different ways and colors and these were the last of the bunch.  I first spun a single to use as my wrapping thread from some light purple and red roving, set the twist and dried it.  Then I used some black and purple stuff along with some natural stuff to spin the single, again thick and thin.  I only wrapped the dark parts because I knew I didn’t have enough to do the whole thing.  I tried to make the white parts thicker than the rest for more contrast.  I think it turned out pretty great!  I ended up with about 60 yards, it will be a nice addition to a funky knit.  Img_1480

The last one I did was an attempt at making twists in the yarn.  I didn’t quite grasp the concept until I was close to the end of the yarn, but it still turned out nice.  I did a thick and thin single from merino (also self-dyed) and then plied it with some fine cotton yarn.  The goal is to get the thin parts of the single to twist back on itself and then just keep on going leaving the twist in the yarn.  Img_1486

That’s it for today.  Stay tuned, I have an actual Finished Object to show you! 

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  1. Totally don’t understand the middle one but good for you figuring it out. Like the last one the best. Are these going to be sturdy enought to knit with?


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