Enviro Friday, on Thursday

Just for a quick update on what I did with my goals for this past week, I did good with some and not so good with others.  I’ve only had to wash my hair once this week, and I didn’t even do any rinsing with the vinegar solution.  I think I need a haircut as my ends are kind of almost frizzy and dry, and it’s been awhile since my last one 😉   

It took me a few days, but I did bust out the dish tubs and I even came up with a system to only use one tub, about halfway full!  I rinse the dishes that need it while I wait for the water to get hot and then I just pile all the dishes on the counter and wash each one with the tub filled up a bit with hot water and soap, then they go into the empty sink.  I turn on the cold water as little as I can to then rinse so that all the water goes into the tub.  By the time I’m done I’ve only filled the 12 quart tub about halfway, and I do this at most 3 times a day.  All the water has gone onto the outside flowers or shrubs, if it is still too hot I just leave it on the counter to cool down.  Pretty good system if I do say so myself! 

The mileage is bad.  I realized I had added in some mileage for Friday so I should have used less altogether by then.  But I am already over by 20 miles and that doesn’t include anything for today which I may or may not need.  I took a few extra trips to the store over the weekend and that was part of my demise, but I think I didn’t plan as well as I needed to so I’ll do more fine-tuning this week. 

So here’s the stuff for this coming week:

  • This one is something that I already do, that might be TMI but I’m going for it anyway.  A couple of years ago I found the Diva Cup to replace my other ‘sanitary’ stuff for my period.  I love it and would never go back to that other stuff, ever.  I’m not creating more waste, and I’m saving money too.  It’s a win/win/win!  Even though it may be hard to believe, I’m standing by my claim that it has also made my period shorter and easier to deal with.  I’ll definitely take 2 days over 5-7.  Anyway, love the Diva Cup! 
  • This one is something that I’m not really doing, it’s The Boyfriend.  Tonight he is taking his first of three class sessions to get his motorcycle license.  He’s on the fence right now as to whether he’ll get a scooter or a motorbike, though the original plan was to get a very high mileage scooter.  We figure that he’ll cut down a ton on emissions of course, and he’ll save a lot of money on gas since he only drives his smallish Chevy truck to commute to work.  21 mpg versus 50+ mpg is a pretty easy decision, and some of those scooters are cheap!  I’ll probably end up getting my motorcycle license as well but it doesn’t make sense for me to get a scooter right now as much as I wish it did, so I’ll just use his!  We’ll update when he finally makes his mind up and gets his license.
  • I’m copping out here and doing another mileage budget for this last one.  I’m just going to go with the 200 that I used this week and try to go under that.  I will say that I’ve been driving slower, in some cases like on the freeway a lot slower, and so far with my last fill up I’m doing a lot better on my mileage.  At 1/4 of a tank used I had already gone about 150 miles, that’s good right?!  Anyway, hopefully I can get my mileage down this week, or at least not go over the 200. 

That’s it for me, have a great holiday!

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  1. We just got back from a motorcycle trip to Las Vegas. Great gas mileage, but it was really too hot for that kind of a trip. It got pretty miserable when the temps got over 100.

  2. It’s almost harder to save gas than save money, isn’t it? You’ve got me thinking about the budget, though. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Willemtje

     /  July 7, 2008

    Good for you! Being eco-friendly not only makes a person feel good, but very often saves a lot of money, too. Regarding the use of shampoo, it’s not at all necessary to use more than a thimbleful. You could also try what my dermatologist told me to do: hardly use any soap at all, it’s much better for your skin and he assured me that plain water cleans just as well. Just use a little for handwashing.
    Us knitters are all eco-friendly anyway by knitting warm garments instead of putting the heating up.
    Happy knitting (and saving!)
    A Dutch knitter


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