Spinning: Somethings Old

Over this past weekend I finally got back into spinning again.  I finished a yarn and started a new one.  The one I finished is some South African fine that I dyed myself.  I didn’t quite get the look I was going for, I needed more white spots in it, but I do like it just fine as it is.  This fiber qualified as Something Old since it had been in the stash for at least a year.  It ended up being about 180 yards of a worsted weight yarn.  It dried amazingly quick yesterday, I guess because it was freaking hot here, at least 100 degrees.

I quickly decided to pick something else out to start on the wheel, also Something Old.  This one I picked up Img_1477
when we went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival 2 years ago.  It is 6 ounImg_1478ces of 70/30 Grey Colonial/Tussah Silk in the Painted Desert colorway from Great Balls of Fiber by Sarah Anderson in Snohomish WA.  That was a mouthful!  I love the colors and it is so easy to spin, I just hope I’m able to do it justice.  The aim is a 3-ply yarn for somthing nice that I haven’t decided on yet.  With 6 ounces though it should be plenty enough to do whatever I want with it, you know, on a small scale.  Anyway, that’s what’s going on here in the spinning department.  At the rate I’m going with my 10+ minutes a day I should be done with this new yarn fairly quick. 

P.S. For a quick note that has nothing really to do with spinning, we all went to see Wall-E (The Baby’s first movie in an actual theater and she did really good!) and loved it.  It was probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  Just go see it, I think you’ll love it too! 

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  1. That’s a lot of informative posting. The scarves came out well, especially the watermelon-y one. Don’t know what you could have done to show up the coils better, maybe one row stripes with stockinette. There are a lot of colors in that yarn.


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