Showing off Scarves

I finished knitting a scarf yesterday, and also had a couple more handspun sImg_1464carves that have been done for a few
weeks now and I just never got around to taking pictures.  So you get a hurried set of pics fImg_1465rom this morning so that I could at least write a post today.  Here’s the stats:

  • Pattern – Multidirectional Scarf by Karen Baumer
  • Yarn – Handspun singles using merino roving from Spunky Eclectic in the Ravelry colorway
  • Needles – US Size 5
  • Knitting time – Feb. 26th to June 29th
  • Comments – This is an easy pattern and I love how the personality it gave to this yarn.  The scarf is super soft but pretty short, maybe 4 feet or so long – perfect for The Baby!
  • Simple sideways knit garter stitch scarf
  • Yarns – Handspun bulky 2-ply with coils and granny stacks, also used tImg_1472hick and thin singles in the same colorsImg_1471
  • Needles – US Size 11
  • Knitting Time – 1 day
  • Comments – This scarf is the longest I’ve ever made, it is about 10 feet long!  I love how it turned out,
    even though I wish you could see the coils and granny stacks a little more.  I feel like they get kind of lost in the scarf.  It is super cool regardless!
  • Simple sideways knit garter stitch scarfImg_1469
  • Yarns – Cascade eco wool and handspun superwash singles with super slubs
  • Needles – US Size 10
  • Knitting Time – 1 day
  • Comments – I wasn’t so sure that I could make anything nice out of this yarn but I think this turned out pretty good.  I like the contrast of the light and dark yarns, and the slubs are really cool.  Img_1467

Enough scarves?!  Even though I have a large-ish bin full of scarves and shawls I don’t have any reason to stop knitting them right?  I even have another one on the needles right now.  I’ve also finished a new yarn and started spinning another, I’ll show you those in the next post.  Have a great day!

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  1. I LOVE scarves! yours are so pretty!
    I don’t think you can EVER have too many. I told the Hubbster once that I wanted enough scarves so I could wear a different one every day all winter long. He laughed. I wasn’t kidding.

  2. You can never have too many scarves!
    I think sideways garter is such a fun way to use textured yarn! It’s also the only way I really like garter stitch, sideways. My favorite is the Multidirectional Scarf, though.
    I hope you bring all three to SnB, ’cause I want to see them, especially the one with the coil thingys.


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