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I mentioned last week how I was going all nuts in the garden and yard trying to Img_1442
make it a little bit nicer.  I’m sure we have one of the worst ‘lawns’ in our neighborhood, though we are definitely not alone there.  If we were in a Homeowner’s Association we’d have been given the boot long, long ago!  Our problem is weeds, as I don’t like to use a lot of chemicals in the yard.  We forgot to overseed this year, so nothing will happen this year with any sort of lawn so I just have to deal with the weedy ground cover until the fall.  So with that disclaimer, check out our new trees!  We picked these up from Western Gardens – I trust them way more than Home Depot or any other big multi-purpose store.  The one on the right is a Mimosa, we couldn’t resist the pretty flowers and the beautiful
leaves, plus it attracts butterflies and we soon found out that it also attracts Img_1444
hummingbirds.  Even better!  The one on the left is our tree with personality, a sumac.  It looks totally crooked but I think it fits us perfectly.  Let’s just hope we don’t killImg_1446 it like we have done with quite a few trees in the past!

I also built a new flowerbed, though right now it is only full of shrubs.  We had the dirt delivered on our driveway and I took one whole morning and shoveled it all onto the lawn.  There were lots of clumps in the dirt that have yet to be taken care of, so this one is definitely still a work in progress.  I like it though!  You can even see part of the old ugly fence in the corner by the street there.  If you look close in the picture on the bottom you can see the new ‘fence’ we put in.  It was a quickie solution, just some rebar and gImg_1445arden fencing.  Lucky for us there were already fenceposts put in right where we needed them – someone had the same plans as us but just never followed through.  I also modified another bed and made it larger, the only thing missing is some plants 😉  At least it has some cute solar lights in it though.  I know it still can look loads better, but believe me, all of the work we’ve done is a major improvement!

I guess that’s enough for today, since I’m so limited with blog fodder lately due to hardly any knitting and spinning I’ll save the rest of the yard and garden for some other posts.  Have a great day! 

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  1. Whew! You’ve been busy! I’m tired just thinking about it. Good job!

  2. Well, you have sumac in common with fancy British gardens. Here it is deemed a noxious weed. Almost unkillable, popping up next to highways. We seem to have finally gotten rid of our thicket. Be aware it causes rashes in some people. Mimosa also self seeds here but it does smell nice. Envy you the hummers.

  3. Wow, what an incredible lot of work! Go, grrl! I love the shape of that bed and the edging.


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