It’s Official

We are being all selfish over here and are going to Vegas once again!  We are going at the end of August, partly to celebrate The Boyfriend’s birthday.  But the main attraction will be CHRIS ROCK!!!  This man is so freaking funny I can’t stand it – I’m so excited to go see him!  He better be funny too, for the price we paid for tickets 😉  Anytime I’ve watched him on TV he’s been sooo funny, and of course there is Head of State, one of my favorite movies.  Hilarious.  We will also be in the neighborhood at the same time as another favorite, Lewis Black.  And of course we have to go back to Mesa Grill!  It should be a lot of fun 🙂

There is also another exciting event that I will be going to, possibly by myself – unless any other Utah grrl spinners need to go learn how to make crazy yarn with me.  I bought myself a space in one of Pluckyfluff’s spinning camps.  Yep, I’m going to Seattle in September for what should be some great fun!  The Boyfriend is not sure if he’ll go with me or not, so if he doesn’t it should be quite the adventure as I have never gone on a trip totally by myself.  I thought about driving but since gas could cost upwards of $300 (yikes!) I will just fly.  Anyway.  I have been spinning a ton (surprise, surprise?) and even knitting a little bit.  Next week I might even have a pair of socks to show off, and definitely a few yarns. 

Have a great weekend!  I know I will with the truckload of dirt that is supposed to be dropped off in our driveway tomorrow!

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  1. llihak

     /  June 7, 2008

    CHRIS ROCKs – maybe you should knit him some socks and thow them on the stage !!! Hold a vote on your blog for what colors to make them.
    So, do you watch Everybody Hates Chris ?


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