The Need to Spin Novelty

I like spinning novelty yarn.  Granted I haven’t done all that much of it, someImg_1286
thick and thin here and there and the wavy yarn I tried last week.  It is super fun and very gratifying and almost freeing in a way too.  Plus it can go very quickly!  The latest crazy yarns to come off my wheel are these.  The first is the weirdest one, it is some superwash in two different colors.  One is from my friend Eva and the other is some unknown stuff I got and forgot where.  I was trying to do giant nubs, or slubs with the brown stuff and then just thick and thin with the darker stuff.  I know now (and should have known before the fact) Img_1284_2
that superwash was not the best fiber to do this with.  But I loved the colors together and it did turn out quite nice – how it will hold up is a question yet toImg_1289
be answered!

The second is my first attempt at some coiled yarn.  I think it turned out pretty well for my first try!  I believe the roving was some Brown Sheep mill end type of thing.  When I split it up, it kind of split the colors up, so I spun a black base yarn and then did the blue and white stuff thin and super thick.  When I plied them together, I tried to do the coils with the super thick parts.  Coils are way fun and I’m sure I’m going to do some more – maybe even with the black and white Brown Sheep roving I have!

I have plans for even more novelty yarn, fabric scraps, sequins, color changing thread – the possibilities are endless! 

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  1. Fun! Someday I’d love to spin up some novelty stuff like that for some funky knits.

  2. The coiled stuff was really cool!

  3. Exciting spinning. I’m a newbie, and try to spin as thin as possible.


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