More and More Spinning

I have been spinning my weekend away and have a few things to show.  InImg_1283
keeping with the Something Old and Something New themes, I have some of each.  The first is something old.  I picked up some Optim roving from the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival when I went two years ago – I have no idea who the vendor was as I lost the label a long time ago.  Anyway, it is an interesting fiber as it is stretched merino which takes the elasticity out of the fiber but also adds a luster to it.  I thought it would be good as a lace yarn so that’s what I tried to do.  It turned out more of a fingering weight I think, but I will still use it for a shawl.  I ended up with a decent 500+ yard amount of 2-ply
yarn and I think overall it turned out pretty well!  It definitely doesn’t have any elasticity, that’s for sure.

The something new is some merino roving that IImg_1270 recently dyed up myself.  I had about 4 ounces and I was just messing around with some different techniques.  The stuff on the left is just a basic thick and thin plied back on itself.  With the other on the right I had wanted to do a coiled yarn but didn’t quite have it figured out, so I ended up with a kind of wavy yarn.  I used a sparkle thread to ply it with which is cute, but it broke in a few places when I snapped the yarn after washing.  Oh well, I’ll find something else to use next time or just be a little more gentle!

I have even more yarn to show you but it isn’t dry yet so you’ll have to wait.  I have been knitting a little bit with guess what – handspun!  I’ll show you that later too.  As always, thanks for looking!

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