Good and Bad

Let’s start with the good.  I told you about the stranded sock I was knitting – well I frogged it because it was too small.  I wasn’t in love with it either.  So I ripped back to the ribbing and started a new sock.  I’m now doing the Baby Cable Rib pattern found in Sensational Knitted Socks.  The yarn is what is good.  It is some self-dyed Knitpicks Bare that I did a while back.  I don’t like the actual knitting of the yarn all that much, but look how pretty the dye job turned out!  I like it a lot 🙂  There is also more good.  Eva gave me a much needed nudge to get off the pot and start spinning again, so I did.  By the way, check out the pretty orange yarn that she made from some roving I sent her!  She did a fabulous job!  Anyway, I did get to spinning and here is where we move on to the bad.

I dyed this roving using some purple and chartreuse dyes.  I thought it might be pretty funky but still coolImg_1238 when I started in on it.  It soon turned funky, but very uncool.  This turned out to be some crazy weird yarn, don’t you think?  I’m not sure if it is perhaps the fugliest yarn ever, or if it might just be okay knitted up.  It’s okay if you think it is fugly, you can tell me.  I know!  If there was a ‘You Spun What?!’ blog, this would probably be a perfect candidate for a post.  Thankfully what I’m spinning now is much nicer, though it wouldn’t be hard to top this yarn now would it?

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  1. In the picture it looks pretty good.

  2. Actually, I can totally see this combined with a red/orange/pink yarn to represent flowers & grass. Or did you see those scarves on the Rav Spinner Central group with the silk flowers in them? I think this yarn would look fab with some smallish silk flowers in funky colors knit into it. Oh, my brain’s humming with the possibilities hehehe. And I’m sure there’s someone who adores green out there who’d love the yarn too! If you don’t like it put it up on your trade/sell page on Rav…

  3. I actually really like the spun yarn! I think the colors are great! If you really hate it, send it on over! *wink*


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